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Packing up all your belongings and transporting them safely to your new home may seem like an insurmountably difficult task, however with the right preparation and a little planning, you will hopefully discover that the job isn’t as onerous as you first anticipated.

Before you can begin packing, you’ll need to collect together enough suitable boxes and materials to ensure that your valuables can be moved safely and without risk of damage. Large cardboard boxes can often be obtained for free from large supermarkets near your home, and it is well worth exploring that option, as commercially available materials can prove expensive. Don’t forget that you will also need parcel tape, bubble wrap, newspapers for packing, and marker pens to list items inside each box. You also need to check that all of your boxes are fit for purpose and can take the weight of all the items you are planning to put in them.

House moving calendar notes

Start packing in plenty of time to avoid haste and panic. You need to begin at least a month before your moving date, and leave even longer if you live in an especially large property. Take a coordinated approach to avoid confusion and pack your belongings a room at a time. Remember not to pack anything that you are going to need in those last few weeks or you will end up rummaging through boxes, making a mess and undoing all your good work.

If money is no object and you value convenience, consider hiring a professional packing company. As well as providing all vital materials, these expert teams can come into your home and pack everything in a professional manner on your behalf.

man-sealing-the-boxAvoid making each box too heavy as you don’t want to suffer any injuries when lifting and carrying. Moving one heavy box may not prove to be too much of a problem, but moving dozens of them will eventually give you back strain or worse. It is also important to remember to put heavy items underneath the lighter ones, otherwise you may find that your delicate valuables are completely crushed by the time you get to your new house.

Put together a box of essential items that you can keep with you to get you up and running as soon as you arrive at your new property. Examples of useful items include pans, towels, toiletries, snacks, tools and a first aid kit.


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