Moving With Your Pets

Moving is always a hassle, but if you have pets to transfer from one house to another, the stress is magnified. Pets become very attached to their familiar spaces, and so can take very badly to an unusual environment that is suddenly going to be their home. Of course, you are unlikely to have many problems in relocating a hamster or goldfish, but a cat or dog is a different matter.

Pet dog in a car
The important thing to remember when moving with your dog is that you are a lot more important in their life than any house, no matter how familiar. Pay your pet a lot of attention and show that you still love and care for them, and half the battle will be won. That said, you need to maintain familiar routines so that your dog doesn’t get confused. Keeping to regular feeding, walking and bed times helps your dog to settle in more rapidly.

Be sure to keep your pet well out of the way while the movers are arranging furniture and bringing in boxes as they will only impede progress and may become distressed or irritable. Introduce your pet to the local neighbourhood as soon as possible with a walk around the area. This would be best if you could arrange it even before you move in, however if this is impossible aim for as soon as you can after your arrival. During the settling in period, it’s important to spoil your pet and make them feel loved and wanted. Extra attention, treats and play will go along way to easing your dog’s acceptance of their new environment.

cat in a crate
Cats are not so easy to move however. Cats are a lot more attached to particular environments than other animals and must be handled carefully during a move. Well before moving day, introduce them to their carrier and if possible, let them visit their new home for a look around to prepare them.


On the moving day, keep your pet in an isolated room while furniture is moved and only put your pet in their carrier at the last moment. Offer plenty of reassurance on the way and once you arrive, again isolate your cat in one room with their familiar bed, toys and food. When your pet shows curiosity and it is safe to do so, let them explore the rest of the house while ensuring the usual feeding routine is adhered to. Remember, the more love you show your pet the happier they will be.


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