Unpacking Strategies

So, you’ve just taken the final load off the van and now you’re surrounded by a stack of boxes. It can be easy to just give up and crack open a bottle of wine and leave the unpacking to another day, but it makes sense to get on with the unpleasant task of sorting your possessions out as soon as possible. It may be a horrible job, but the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your new home. Here are some tips for unpacking and settling in.

Couple unpacking surrounding boxes

Before you even unload any boxes, you should have made sure that your new home had been thoroughly cleaned. There is no better time to give a property a deep clean than when it’s empty.

Assuming that this task has been completed, you need to arrange your furniture first before you even consider opening the first box. If you have hired the services of a removals firm, you should instruct the staff to place your furnishings in the exact spots where you want them to stay. This saves you the time and energy of shuffling it all around later. Furniture isn’t easy to move, so let the professionals handle it and you can concentrate on sorting out the boxes.

Labeled BoxesOne of the primary purposes of labelling your boxes when you packed them was to be able to place them in the correct rooms once you arrive in your new home. This simple job will save you hours of time as you can simply deposit each box in its correct location without having to dig through each one to find out the mystery items that it contains.

The first task is to open your essentials box and place those key items that you couldn’t manage without. You will be very grateful for those tea bags and cups after a few hours of lugging boxes around.

As you did when packing, you should take a similarly coordinated approach when unpacking and tackle one room at a time. The kitchen and bathroom are the best places to start as they are the rooms that are most essential to your daily life as well as the areas of your home that are likely to see the least change throughout your life in this new property. Bathrooms are also the easiest room to unpack as all the furniture is already in place. You simply need to unpack the toiletry items, put a new toilet roll on the holder, hang the shower curtain and you’re ready to go.

Unpacking Kitchen ItemsWhen unpacking your kitchen items, place the appliances first if that has not already been done, and then progress to arranging your cupboards. Plan out where you are going to store everything before you unpack any kitchen boxes so that you have a clear idea of where each item should be placed as this will save you time. You may want to think about placing some convenient hooks around your kitchen if you don’t have enough cupboards or shelves for all your essential equipment. A wall mounted spice rack, or collection of hanging mugs will add a touch of colour to your kitchen decor.

The next step is to arrange your clothing in the wardrobes. This is a relatively simple job to simply unpack and hang on the rails. Then you can close the doors and get on with sorting out all the drawers, bookshelves and cabinets.

Your final task is to hang any curtains followed by pictures and wall hangings. Other accessories and ornaments can then be put in place together with rugs as the final touches. Your new home is then complete and ready to enjoy!


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